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Monday, July 15, 2013

How do you say "Apple" in 2000 Languages?

Point Roberts, WA, New York, NY - July 15, 2013 ( newswire), providing global investing ideas in leading sectors including tech, features a close- up look at a privately held software company, Linguist's Software, based in Edmonds, WA. Over a 30 year period, Linguist's Software has developed fonts and keyboard software for over 2000 languages that may be a key factor in opening up the world to the internet and mobile devices.

It may takes years to perfect translation for languages, but having software for native language localization and input to the rest of the world immediately, is a significant first step.
The path to globalization is potentially available to mobile users and internet users around the world in their own native languages. Today most software and Internet platforms provide limited keyboard input for only 50-80 languages.
Dr. Philip Payne, the founder of Linguist's Software Inc. , started his company 30 years ago out of a love of language unaware of the advancements and leaps in technology that lay ahead and how his software could literally change the world.
He was interviewed in an article in the New York Times in 1994 discussing how excited he was that his software was available to Mac users. At the time of the interview his software was available for over 280 languages and the Apple iPhone had not yet been invented. Fast forward to today and he provides fonts and input for over 2000 languages, and the iPhone has revolutionized mobile in a way no one could have imagined in 1994.
Steve Jobs said he did not build his company for the money, it was to build a company that would endure and create great products . Dr. Philip Payne's love of language has resulted in a company that is still here 30 years after its beginning and is the only one of its kind providing fonts and keyboard input for anywhere near this many languages.
Currently 2.5 billion people use the internet, mostly in Chinese, Japanese, and European languages. Dr. Philip Payne's software opens the door to new markets through native language access to 4 billion more global users.
So how do you say "global opportunity" in 2000 languages? What is a buyer willing to pay to be the first worldwide communications company? What is the value of owning fonts and keyboard input software for over 2000 languages to reach these new customers whose native language input is not currently supported by computers, smartphones, and the Internet? What is the value of having access to billions of new customers?
Ken Kinkel, CEO & President of C·M&A ( is trying to answer just that as he represents Dr. Payne's exit strategy and retirement from Linguist's Software Inc.
Ken says, "Google's Eric Schmidt is saying everyone will be on the net by 2020. But what can they do now that they are locked out of a billion customers in China? This is why Google (WSJ) is laying fiber in Africa, to reach a billion potential users who are isolated in remote areas. But, we wonder where will they get the fonts and keyboard input for over 1540 native languages for these Africans? Or any of the other unique native languages Google needs for another billion in India and the Middle East. On average it takes over 1 man year per language to develop the best localization keyboard and native font software. Does Google think they can create all of these fast enough for over 2000 global languages?
But if a competitor decides to get there first, by buying the fonts and keyboard input for these languages that are already completed and available today, then what? Now we have a new leader, and perhaps not Google, then who, Baidu?"
There is big money in the language software sector. This Intellectual Property (IP) is the first important step towards getting everyone online to eventually lead us to worldwide language translation.
According to Research and Markets new report "Language Translation Software: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Language Translation Software: Markets will reach $123.1 Billion by 2019
Worldwide Machine Translation markets at $1.6 billion in 2012 are anticipated to grow to $6.9 billion by 2019. Growth is a result of the inexorable trend toward outreach to the entire world by every enterprise. As the enterprises achieve a global presence in 177 countries, they will first need native language localization to expect to do business and eventually need automated software translation to achieve a global footprint.
TransPerfect is a family of companies providing global business services in over 170 languages. The $300 million translation services provider based in Manhattan, NY made Crain's list of fastest-growing companies in 2012.
As Dr. Payne enters the next phase of his life he is leaving a legacy that will last past his lifetime. He will never see all of the endless possibilities and applications of his software and how it will impact the world.
In the 1994 NY Times interview it noted, "Dr. Payne says he didn't shout ‘ Eureka' that day in 1984. But after a decidedly amateurish labor amid bytes, bits and pixels, the apparition of the Greek letter rho on the black-and-white screen of his Macintosh computer came pretty close to an epiphany."
Imagine if his software is used on mobile applications around the globe? I think he would say " Eureka".
Dr. Philip Payne, the founder and president of Linguist's Software, Inc., is a specialist in New Testament Studies. (Ph.D. The University of Cambridge). He is well known for his studies on New Testament Textual Criticism, the Parables of Jesus, and Man and Woman in the Teachings of Paul. He and his wife Nancy were missionaries in Japan with the Evangelical Free Church, where they ministered to students in the Kyoto Christian Studies Center and lectured on New Testament in various Japanese Seminaries. They have three children David, Kimiko, and Brendan.
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The right global company will have to decide how they want to unleash the rest of the languages to the world, Dr. Payne is blessed to have contributed. He looks forward to a future where global information exchange is possible, and knows his software will rapidly set new communication standards, that will eventually connect all of humanity to the web.
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