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Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - Agora Financial: "Rip, Mod, Make" The Manufacturing Revolution - Agora Financial: "Rip, Mod, Make" The Manufacturing Revolution

Chris Anderson, former Editor in Chief of Wired Shares Future of 3D Printing

3New York, NY, Point Roberts, WA - July 30, 2013 ( newswire), an investor research portal featuring global investing ideas for independent investors continues its special feature on the Agora Financial Investment Symposium held last week in Vancouver at the Fairmont Vancouver.

Chris Anderson, former Editor in Chief of Wired, author of Makers: The New Industrial Revolution, and current CEO of 3D robotics and founder of DIY Drones, gave an awe inspiring presentation at the Agora Financial Symposium last Tuesday outlining the ideas presented in his book regarding "the new industrial revolution", which in Chris's view, is 3D printers.

Chris began by giving us a look back at the history of past industrial revolutions starting with the spinning jenny all the way up to the "information age" we currently live in. The next logical progression, according to Chris, will be the dawn of the manufacturing revolution, where as apple's "rip, mix, burn" slogan changed the online community not to mention the music, movie and book industries, the phrase "rip, mod, make" could drastically change the relationship between inventor and manufacturer, as well as consumer and manufacturer.

Chris goes on to show examples of how this idea is currently affecting the world around us and how technologies and programs are already in place to allow for the average person to jump into the role of inventor and manufacturer without ever having to leave their home.

3D Printers and CNC technology are no longer the experimental and costly machines they used to be and, as with all modern technology, continue to advance rapidly into a cheaper more effective product.
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