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Tuesday, July 09, 2013 Newswire - Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: "An Industry on the Move" in the Clean Energy Game Newswire - Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: "An Industry on the Move" in the Clean Energy Game

Snapshot of Hydrogenics (TSX: HYG), Ballard (NASDAQ:BLDP)

New York, NY , Point Roberts WA– Tuesday July 9th, 2013 – ( newswire,) Taylor Van Zant of, an investor research portal specializing in sector research for independent investors, reports on the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell market and the recent Hydrogen + Fuel Cell C Conference (HFC 2013 ) (, held in Vancouver June 16th – 19th, 2013.

Clean, renewable energy continues to be a growing industry as more and more countries across the globe are forced, or choose, to implement more environmentally conscious energy plans. In this renewable energy emergence market Hydrogen and Fuel cell technology is fast becoming a rising star.

This year, the sixth Hydrogen + Fuel Cell Conference took place at the Vancouver Convention Center, hosting some of the leading developers and innovation in the Hydrogen and Fuel cell industry as well as some high profile public companies showcasing their latest developments.

The British Columbia Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Investment is promoting, and with good reason, the Province to investors as the home to the world’s third-largest clean technology cluster. Dozens of fuel cell companies and research organizations are located in B.C such as the National Research Council Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation (NRC-IFCI); the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association; the Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation; UBC’s Clean Energy Research Centre; NuCellSys; Powertech Labs; and Westport Innovations.

With roughly 70 per cent of Canada’s fuel cell sector centered in or around Metro Vancouver, the city made a great stage for the HFC conference and researchers and industry leaders from around the world were happy to be a part of such a large scale promotion of this lesser known industry.

Fuel Cell technology implementation has faced the obstacles of the recession in the last few years and the obvious troubles related to cost efficiency, but the industry is now making a strong recovery and proving to be beneficial to other sectors of the green energy industry.

A little about Hydrogen and Fuel Cells:

There are a variety of benefits to using fuel cells, and especially Hydrogen based ones, as fuel cells have a higher efficiency than diesel or gas engines and most fuel cells operate silently, compared to internal combustion engines. This makes them ideal for use within buildings such as hospitals or on military compounds across the globe. Fuel cells can eliminate pollution caused by burning fossil fuels; for hydrogen fuelled fuel cells, the only by-product at point of use is water. If the hydrogen comes from the electrolysis of water driven by renewable energy, then using fuel cells eliminates greenhouse gases over the whole cycle. Fuel cells do not need conventional fuels such as oil or gas and can therefore reduce economic dependence on oil producing countries, creating greater energy security for the user nation. Since hydrogen can be produced anywhere where there is water and a source of power, generation of fuel can be distributed and does not have to be grid-dependent. The use of stationary fuel cells to generate power at the point of use allows for a decentralized power grid that is potentially more stable. Another military feature of some low temperature fuel cells (PEMFC, DMFC) is there low heat transmission which makes them ideal for covert military applications. Higher temperature fuel cells produce high-grade process heat along with electricity and are well suited to cogeneration applications (such as combined heat and power for residential use). Operating times are much longer than with batteries, since doubling the operating time needs only doubling the amount of fuel and not the doubling of the capacity of the unit itself. Unlike batteries, fuel cells have no "memory effect" when they are getting refueled. The maintenance of fuel cells   full article:
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