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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Canada and U.S. Businesses Invited to Macrorrueda; Business Matchmaking Colombian Style

New York, Point, Roberts, WA - August 13, 2013 ( newswire), an investor research portal specializing in investing ideas for global investors, reports on business developments and opportunities at the upcoming Proexport Colombia event, "Macrorrueda", which will be held in Chicago on September 4-5th.

Colombia's economy is currently the third largest in Central and South America and its proactive global promotion of business and investment opportunities will stake their claim for future growth.
The Macrorrueda event creates a unique forum for investment and business opportunities between Canada, USA, and Columbia. It creates a face- to- face personal venue to explore business opportunities in a format similar to "speed-dating". Canadian and U.S. buyers will be given an assigned table identified by a number where the Colombian Exporters will rotate during their 40-minute appointments. It's not as fast as the Salsa that Colombia is so well- known for but buyers should have their best dancing shoes on to go through each potential partner during the course of the day.
Trade Commissioner Alvaro Concha has recently been in New York, Toronto and Montreal promoting this year's event, with a primary focus on Colombia's tourism, investment and exportation sectors. Proexport's "Magical Realism" tourism ad campaign was launched earlier this year and is a big part of the overall strategy to make the world aware of the dramatic changes in Colombia in the past few years. Canadians seem to be getting the message loud and clear as more and more tourists find their way to Colombia each year.
With Free Trade Agreements in place with both Canada and the U.S., trade and investment are on the rise and expected to continue as Proexport spreads the word about how business friendly Colombia has become. Alvaro Concha said in Vancouver Canada in June that Proexport's goal is to make Colombia the "shining star in the South American constellation".
Asked about Macrorrueda, "Colombia has seen an overall increase in the number of non-mining exports to Canada following the enforcement of the FTA, but the diversification of our products has been one of the biggest benefits," said Concha. "Through events like the Macrorrueda in Chicago, Proexport ensures that Canadian companies see the breadth of our exports and can take advantage of the reduced tariffs and quotas."
Macrorrueda will also feature products and services by Colombian companies from the Agribusiness, Manufacturing and Apparel sectors. From exotic and tropical fruits, flowers, herbs, coffee, cocoa and natural cosmetics; there is a full line of products within each sector to bring back the passion and spice of Colombia to North America.
Language will not be a barrier, as translation services will be provided if needed and a Proexport representative will be assigned to each table during the business meetings if the business owners feel its necessary.
Macrorrueda events have successfully taken place in the past, resulting in new business opportunities with Colombian exporters.
For business owners seeking opportunities in South America, Colombia is a gateway of opportunity, not just to products in Colombia but also its surrounding countries. has covered business and investing opportunities in Colombia in a series of articles in 2013. Read more about Colombia: Q&A with Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Foreign Investment Vice-President at Proexport Colombia
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About Proexport:
Proexport Colombia is the organization in charge of promoting Colombia as an international tourist destination, attracting foreign investment and fostering non-traditional exports.
Through their national and international office network, they provide support and comprehensive assistance to national entrepreneur, through offering services with the aim of facilitating the design and execution of its internationalization strategy, seeking the generation and tracking of business opportunities. To learn more about Proexport visit
More about Macrorrueda:
About Alvaro Concha:
Alvaro Concha was appointed Trade Commissioner for the Canadian headquarters of Proexport in 2011. Mr. Concha has more than 15 years of experience on international commerce following his experiences as Trade Commissioner for the offices of Italy and the Northern Triangle of Central America. He identified, defined and adjusted the strategies for the promotion of exports and positioning of Colombia as an investment and tourism destination in new markets. Mr. Concha holds an MBA from the European School of Business in Madrid.
He advanced one of the most strategic locations for Proexport in the world, following the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Colombia. Identified defined and adjusted strategies for promotion, market access and positioning for Colombian products in the country. Additionally, Mr. Concha implemented business and marketing plans for the growth and expansion of trade between Canada and Colombia. While constantly monitoring markets for new opportunities, Mr. Concha diligently identified new opportunities for Colombian companies in various scenarios and industries.
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