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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Q&A Interview with Microcap Automotive Stock MWW Automotive (OTCQB: MWWC)

New York, NY, Point Roberts, WA - November 14, 2012 ( energy newswire) staff:, an investor research portal specializing in sector research for independent investors, including automotive stocks, issues an exclusive Q&A interview with MWW Automotive Group ( OTCQB: MWWC ). As the auto industry rebounds, smaller companies like MWW Automotive Group are realizing the benefits of recovery. Company CEO, Chuck Pinkerton and Rainer Poertner from Business Development share insight into the sector and the future vision of the Company.

MWW Automotive designs and manufactures innovative and high-quality components and systems for cars, light trucks, sport utility vehicles. Recently MWW gas entered into an agreement with a large industrial manufacturer for the production of oversized industrial components.
MWW Automotive Group (OTCQB:MWWC) reported Monday that it has met its adjusted sales forecast for the fiscal year 2012, ending September 2012, generating revenue of $803,000Can you give us a breakdown of your product line and customer base for investors unfamiliar with your Company?
A: CEO, Chuck Pinkerton
While ever changing and expanding currently MWW's core competencies fall within Painting, Assembly, Inventory Management, Fulfillment and Distribution of,
Automotive Exterior Decorative Trim Packages,
Front and Rear Fascias.
Rear Spoilers.
Hood Scoops.
Window Louvers.
Automotive Interior Dash Components.
Instrument Control Knobs.
Automotive Specialty (Engine Components)
Custom Colored Intakes.
Custom Colored Valve Covers.
Industrial and Agricultural Equipment.
Engine Access Doors
Side Panels.
Current Active Client Base Includes,
GSI International
Ford (NYSE:F) just reported its best third quarter ever, reflecting a major turn around in the auto industry. Can you tell us what you are seeing at your level of the auto industry in terms of the recovery?
A: CEO, Chuck
With both our headquarters and manufacturing facility located here in Michigan at ground zero, we have, what we believe a very intimate insight into the recovery. While the past few years have been extremely difficult for many suppliers servicing the automotive industry, those who were able to dynamically adjust to the changing market conditions and refocus their market strategy, are still around. While many of them still are still in recovery mode, hey are seeing business improve, more rapidly over the last half year. MWW's cability to shift our customer concentration from basically one large client to several new ones, even in different industry sectors, is the main reason MWW is experiencing now successes with its turnaround and is witnessing first hand improved business and new and solid growth opportunity for the future.
In my opinion this has also been driven by the resurgence of domestic brands. While Hyundai, Kia , Toyota and other imported brands remain very strong, you will see that Ford and Chevrolet have done a tremendous job of reintroducing themselves to the US and world markets with choices like the F-150, Fusion and Malibu to name a few. Sales numbers and cars encountered daily on the road don ' t lie.
Where do you see your biggest future growth opportunities?
A: CEO, Chuck Pinkerton
One word Diversification. While the Automotive is not only our Core Competency but also our life line to growth and success we, are aggressively pursuing the Industrial, Agricultural and Energy Marketplaces to accelerate our growth. In addition we will consider select additional suitable acquisition in our markets to accelerate our growth even further.
As the industry becomes more global, do you see a shift in consumer demand for customization?
A: CEO, Chuck Pinkerton
I see customization demands increasing. We are currently servicing not only North America but also Europe and Asia. The global headquarters of ournsingle largest cleintnat this time is located in Austria and services the European and the US market . The automotive industry has become a very small world.
In closing, what are some key points in your Company investors should take note of moving forward?
A: Rainer Poertner, Business Development
MWW has overcome several significant set-backs and subsequent drop in revenue and share price by completely restructuring its management team, streamlining production and aggressively securing new customers; not only in the automotive, but also in the commercial and agricultural industries. Our new CEO, Chuck Pinkerton has been very successful in securing new business and putting the company back on the path of increasing revenue and returning to profits. So why should you invest into MWW now.
  • A new management team continues to focus on increasing revenues, implementing cost down exercises, improving productivity and generating new business opportunities for MWW to improve and maintain shareholder value.
  • The Automotive Industry has strongly rebounded and is expected to grow to 14.8 million in 2013 and 16.3 million units by 2014.
  • Newly awarded programs by Ford, MAZDA, Chevrolet and Hyundai will increase MWW revenue, operating margins and net income beginning in late 2012 and 2013.
  • MWW has entered into Exclusive Strategic Alliance Agreements with Polytec, ROUSH Performance, American Autocoat and Five Axis. In cooperation with these partners, MWW has commenced with production for Hyundai, Ford, Chevrolet, Mazda and Subaru. Additonal projects are currently in negotiation with all companies.
  • MWW is in pre-production with several projects for GSI International, a large Fortune 500 corporation servicing the industrial, commercial and agricultural marketplaces. MWW will provide its OE class painting services, full scale fulfillment and inventory management programs for oversized industrial components for this client. Actual production is scheduled to begin in late 2012 or early 2013.
  • MWW is on the path of increasing revenues and return to profitability
    • Actual (unaudited) Revenues of $0.8 Million in 2012
    • Projected Revenues of $2.9 Million in 2013
    • Projected Revenues of $5.1 Million in 2014
    • Reduced Operating Expenses
    • Increasing Gross Profit Margins
    • Increasing EBITDA and Net Income
MWW's share price is currently at an all-time low with only 195 Million shares outstanding. The Company is improving financial its performance and has concluded restructuring of its capitalization structure to attract new investment and improve the investor perception in the market .
About MWW Automotive Group (OTCQB: MWWC)
The MWW Automotive Group (MWWC) is headquartered in Howell, Michigan, with a "Class A" manufacturing and logistics facility in Baroda, Michigan for the production of high quality OE automotive and industrial products. MWW delivers its products and "Class A" painting, assembly and logistics services directly to major US and Foreign automobile manufacturers' Vehicle Processing Centers (VPC) and/or assembly lines in North America. MWW's industrial products are delivered directly to the industrial manufacturers for installation in their facilities. MWW provides substantial added value to the sale of vehicles and industrial products for leading international automobile and industrial manufacturers such as Toyota, BMW, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia Motors, MAZDA, GM, Ford, and their strategic partners ROUSH Performance and Polytec.
This interview may contain forward looking statements from the company, please refer to the company ' s forward looking disclaimer in its releases on the site.
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