Friday, December 29, 2006

Renewable Energy stocks - takes the lead on our site as we approach 2007. Our global portal for the renewable energy sector takes the lead as investors search for key phrases-" renewable energy mutual funds, alternative energy stocks, wind energy stocks and solar energy stocks"

We have updated our current list of stocks to include a more indepth list and cover some foreign listed stocks in the sector. We are building one of the most comprehensive directories of alternative energy and green stocks

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With the Democrats taking the House in January and new initiatives on the table to promote and fund renewable energy, maybe 2007 will breathe some new life into the stocks

Monday, December 18, 2006

Global stock exchanges - has expanded our pages to include a directory of global stock exchanges as our global audience expands.
With site visitors from Brazil , South Africa , Middle East and other locations, the new content services a more global investor base

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

India Stock Market- leading the way in- or out?

For the first time .. "India Stock Market" is the number 1 inbound search phrase for Sign of the times? ... the recent Stock market's 800 point crash in two days on the Sensex , dropping 7 per cent in three days may have something to do with it! Investors are looking for whats next at varied reports of optimism of continued growth to contrasting words of caution and risk.

For a pulse of what is happening in India read

Investing In India with Dr. Uday Lal Pai:
Dr. Uday Lal Pai - Freelance Writer -

Thursday, December 07, 2006 - Previous Featured Public Companies and Related Parties Breach of Contract/ Non Payments Dislcosure publishes this information for disclosure purposes to potential investors and IR/PR firms potentially doing business with these firms in the future

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Investor Ideas-Holiday gift ideas

A great way to give and create attention for the cause- buy T- shirts or wrist bands at the storefront on this site:

The Save Darfur Coalition's mission is to raise public awareness about the ongoing genocide in Darfur and to mobilize a unified response to the atrocities that threaten the lives of two million people in the Darfur region.

This organization is one of several we have supported both in online exposure on as well as financially.

If our site and resources have been helpful in your research into building personal wealth- please take a moment to check out the site and store and make a contribution and purchase a gift that will make a difference to both the organization and the people they help as well as the person you give it to!

Happy Holiday gift suggestions from ...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Public Companies Listed on Foreign Exchanges continutes to grow globally in audience and as it does, we are receiving more international enquiries on how we can provide exposure for these companies. We have had recent enquires from Hong Kong, Isreal and UAE. What it continues to show us is that it is in fact " a small world after all" on the internet.

Our site receives an average of 15,000 unique visitors per day, with a strong North American audience of investors, industry, fund managers, analysts, brokers, government and media. Our global audience is growing, as we cover sectors with increasing global interest such as energy and renewable energy. Our two international portals cover investing in India and China.

We can offer public companies targeted investor and industry eyeballs within their industry sector, potentially increasing their brand, shareholder base and their following. We frequently feature interviews with some of the leading analysts and fund managers in each sector to provide insight and perspective. Our credible content brings in reputable investor and industry participants that sign up and register to receive our content on an ongoing basis.

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