Monday, May 14, 2007 Investor Podcast “Shrewd Speculators” Provide Commentary on Investment Opportunities in Oil and Gas Stocks

E&P and Equipment Services Companies Remain Attractive Targets, a leading global investor and industry research resource portal specialized in sector investing news, stock directories and research links, presents the Shrewd Speculators; Market and Sector Commentary with Kevin Sylla and Eric Axel. In this segment the Shrewd Speculators take a look at oil and gas prices as we move throughout the spring and summer months and the impact this will have on the stocks in this sector.

While oil is currently trading around the $61 per barrel mark with the peak driving season and the impending hurricane season right around the corner, demand pressures are likely to increase.

As Eric Axel describes, “We have not reached a peak in gas prices because there are still problems with shut downs, with inventories which are still well below levels of a year ago, and as a result of the recent bombings in Africa. I do anticipate some choppiness coming into June and the summer months and I do believe that the price of gasoline currently is probably just a short term relief.”

Kevin Sylla is looking at energy intensive companies on the short side. “I am focusing on companies that use a significant amount of energy that might not have the price effect absorbed into their economic output going into the next quarter. So what I am going to be looking to do is to get on the short-side because 1) I do not think the market will hold up as well this summer and 2) if you can get involved in transport companies on the short-side there is some money to possibly be made there.”

Both speculators have their eye on the larger E&P companies who have been active recently with acquisitions and finding additional reserves. “While you may be able to potentially find weakness over the next few months due to what is happening globally especially in Africa and Iran, over the long term I believe that many E&P companies are still very attractive,” states Axel.

SylIa adds, “If you are not an investor that is comfortable in the short play I am always a believer that you cannot go wrong with the companies that do equipment, and servicing. At the end of the day they supply the drillers with the equipment to drill and basically no matter what happens these companies will be paid, so if you want to be on the safe side you can buy stock in these companies. Overall if you act prudently you can find certain gems within the marketplace; if you do not want to go short then you can go long E&P and service companies.”

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