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Investorideas.com Reports on Resource Based Public Companies Strategies and Relationships with First Nations; Featuring Exclusive Audio Interviews with Industry and First Nation Leaders

Curtis Rattray, Chairman of the Central Council Tahltan Nation and Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, President and CEO of NovaGold Resources Inc. (TSX: NG)(AMEX:NG) Provide Insight into Blending First Nations Culture and Corporate Culture to Create a Winning Formula

Delta B.C. November 13, 2007 - www.InvestorIdeas.com, a leading global investor and industry research resource portal specialized in sector investing reports on resource based public companies in Canada and relationships and strategies regarding First Nations. As investors read headlines of blockades and litigation, it is fast becoming a necessary part of investor due diligence to review and consider each public company policy and strategy regarding First Nations and the underlying natural resources.

In the first of a new series, Investorideas.com discusses this highly volatile issue with representatives of public companies, industry members and the First Nations community including Chief Paul Eshkakogan, Curtis Rattray, Chairman of the Central Council Tahltan Nation, Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, President and CEO of NovaGold Resources Inc.(TSX:NG)(AMEX:NG), Donald A. McInnes, Vice-Chairman and CEO of Plutonic Power Corp (TSX:PCC), industry consultants Brian Davey, First Nations Equity Inc and Jessica Delaney, VP of PR Associates.

At the recently held Canadian Aboriginal Mining Association Conference (CAMA) in Vancouver one of the panelists, Chief Paul Eshkakogan, Sagamok Anishnawawbek, commented when asked by an audience member what companies have done it right “Nobody has got it right yet, there is a lot more room for improvement.”

In an interview with Investorideas.com Chief Paul Eshkakogan went on to discuss two mining deals they have entered into in Northern Ontario and how the resulting deals have improved working opportunities for his people but have yet to include royalty deals. They have currently signed an interim measures agreement with URSA Major Minerals Incorporated (TSX: UMJ) http://www.ursamajorminerals.com/ and an MOU with CVRD Inco. http://www.inco.com/

Click here for an excerpt of the interview with Chief Paul Eshkakogan:

Hans Matthews, President, Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association, presents his
Message regarding his position on issues relating to environment, participation, revenue sharing and employment at: http://www.aboriginalminerals.com/presidents_message.pdf .

On February 10, 2006, NovaGold entered into a comprehensive Participation Agreement with the Tahltan First Nation for their support and participation in the development of the Galore Creek project. The agreement between The Tahltan Nation and NovaGold addresses issues outside of just employment. According to the 2006 press release - highlights of the agreement include:

*Recognition of the Tahltan's traditional rights, title and interests to the project area as well as NovaGold's rights to explore and develop mineral resources in the Galore Creek Valley.

*Mutual cooperation for completing an efficient and effective Environmental Review and Permitting Process and commitment to mitigate adverse environmental impacts caused by the mine.

*Establishment of measures and procedures that will fully engage the Tahltan in all aspects of environmental protection.

*Maximize training and employment of Tahltan members throughout the mine life and create processes for ongoing dialogue regarding advancement.

*Ensure access for Tahltan businesses to maximize business opportunities for the supply of goods and services throughout the mine life and during mine closure.

*Financial contributions by NovaGold to the Tahltan Heritage Trust Fund which will be used to mitigate any adverse social and cultural impacts of mine development. During mine operations, Trust Fund payments are guaranteed to be no less than $1,000,000 annually. Upon reaching certain agreed financial targets, and subject to positive mine operating cash flow, the trust will receive the greater of $1,000,000 or a 0.5% to 1.0% net smelter royalty each year.

*Tahltan assurances to investors and support for the project as NovaGold arrange financing during the year ahead.

Curtis Rattray, Chairman of the Central Council, discusses the Tahltan Nation negotiations and agreement with NovaGold Resources Galore Creek property at the recent CAMA conference. “We felt that the leadership of NovaGold had a different set of philosophies. They are younger and had a different set of experiences, in particular, Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, who grew up amongst First Nations and had a respect for First Nations… “

Click here for the interview with Curtis Rattray:

NovaGold Resources Inc. (TSX: NG) (AMEX:NG ) http://www.novagold.net Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, President and CEO , also interviewed at the CAMA conference, discussed their Galore Creek property agreement philosophy. “In the modern world, you need a social license to mine- and if you don’t have it – you’re going to have delays. It makes good business sense to have a local partnership with the local community where you build trust …”
For the full interview click here :( please note there are some background noises from the conference in this interview)

From mining companies including Liberty Mines (TSX.V: LBE), to oil and gas companies Bronco Energy Ltd. (TSX.V: BCF) and Blacksands Petroleum (OTCBB: BSPE), to renewable energy company Plutonic Power Corporation (TSX: PCC), there have been several successful agreements executed that benefit both the public companies and the First Nations communities.

According to Donald A. McInnes, Vice-Chairman and CEO of Plutonic Power Corp, regarding its Run-Of-River Project and the First Nations and Business Community, “The company strategy is that it is going to be a win –win if you work with First Nations people and communicate early”. To hear additional comments from Mr. McInnes click here: http://investorideas.com/Podcasts/audio/103007a.mp3

Brian Davey, Managing Partner, First Nations Equity Inc., an industry consultant reminds us of some the success stories that may not make the news.

“There are many First Nation mining exploration deals that occur under the radar screen that are beneficial to the First Nation and the exploration company. Unfortunately, we never hear about them”

“In my experience, the common elements in First Nation/mining exploration agreements that win are elements related to proper financial resources for the First Nation to represent themselves, meaningful consultation with the community, employment and business opportunities to the extent that they are available, environmental protection, transfer payments, and assured access to land for the exploration company.”

“A person needs at least grade 12 to work in the mining industry. Since many of our students do not complete high school we have a great challenge before us. We must correct this problem now if we want our young people to work in the industry.”

First Nations Equity offers financial and management consulting services on corporate and community project financings, business partnerships, joint ventures, business development, impact and benefit agreement negotiations, consultations with First Nations, and economic and business research. http://www.firstnationsequity.com/

For companies that are currently in, or entering into agreements, with First Nations, there are risk analysis tools available to evaluate the risk and rewards, developed by a PR firm that specializes in relationships with resource companies and First Nations communities. Jessica Delaney, VP, of PR Associates, discusses the 25 variables and factors . She comments, “ We believe that given an effective tool the industry can be much more responsive”. She went on to say” At the end of the day we need to look at building open and honest communciation and actively trying to learn more about the communities in which we work in.”
To listen to the full interview click here :http://investorideas.com/Podcasts/audio/110207a.mp3

The bottom line for investors and public companies in the sector is -you can invest in a mutually beneficial long term relationship with a respect and win for all parties, or take a path of resistance with all the related costs, delays and potential litigation.

Investorideas.com invites members of the business community and First Nations to discuss and comment on this issue for future articles, releases and Podcasts. Investorideas.com is in the initial stages of preparing a documentary on related topics entitled “A Time to Be Brothers “, themed on incorporating and blending both cultures to create an overall win for the environment. As global warming issues become an issue of concern for all cultures; how we develop or exploit our natural resources will impact all of us.

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