Thursday, October 09, 2008

Letter from the President

I get asked all the time to describe our website,, in one or two lines. What we have tried to create is a meeting place for great ideas for investors, public companies and industry leaders in the industry sectors we cover.

If money is symbolic of the flow of energy- then what we are hoping to create is an exchange of energy and ideas that results in an exchange of money.

We are very active in the cleantech and water sectors and have gathered some of the best industry experts and writers to give you some great ideas.

We are proud of our columnists from Michael Brush and the Insiders Corner to J Peter Lynch and his solar commentary and Paulo Nery’s green investor series.

We have interviewed some of the best experts in the water sector, from Neil Berlant to Bill Brennan in our investing in water audio series.

In every sector we cover – from mining to oil and gas to renewable and homeland security we seek out some of the best experts to provide industry insight.

Our online conferences in mining, oil and gas, security and renewable energy are a great resource to hear from several experts all at once. Our flash media player creates a great audio /visual informative experience.

Our stock directories are growing daily and provide a great starting point for your research.

Our services for public companies to access global investors combine a program that is interactive and informative and really helps build the company brand in its sector as well as introducing it to new investors.

Our global business marketplace is a venue for business and investors to match investing criteria. We are excited to enable new business ideas thrive and investors gain from their risk and initiative.

Our membership is a new program to give additional exclusive access to some of our great investor ideas.

We don’t make specific recommendations – we just give you tools to become an active participant in your own financial outcome!

Nothing is more exciting than the experience of a getting a great new idea!

… So run with it and thrive! If your first idea does not give you the outcome you desired… then try again. That is the key to success!

Dawn L. Van Zant - President
Toll Free: (800) 665-0411


"One of the first online investor resources providing in-depth information on renewable energy, greentech and water sectors." is a leading global investor and industry research resource portal specialized in sector investing covering over thirty industry sectors and global markets including China, India, Middle East and Australia.

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