Thursday, August 26, 2010 Reports on the Pulse of Economy; Small Business Fighting Back; Investors Still Cautious

August 26, 2010 ( Newswire) Investor Ideas, an investment research portal specialized in sector research, reports on the pulse of the economy based on its internal data from online activity, interaction with investors, small cap company CEO’s and the financial community. is an online meeting place for investors, public companies and entrepreneurs in leading sectors including cleantech, energy, mining, water, Homeland Security and other high profile sectors. audience is global, with its predominant audiences and customers in North America. President, Dawn Van Zant reports:
“In May reported, “The past few months have been the best in the past two years in terms of new advertising dollars, new business and strategic partnering. That sales momentum from online advertising was short lived and was as unstable as the market but new business has recently picked up again -but this time from a different source. Now its small business spending again and looking longer term.

Management of small companies that we deal with and talk to are working harder then ever and being more creative than ever to keep their business running through difficult times. Small business feels very much on its own, carving its own path through the turbulence.

I had a conversation today with a CEO of a struggling company that also gave startling insight as to what he sees behind the scenes in the American Economy. He said he has talked to a growing number of unemployed workers that have given up and now turning to a mentality of seeking more from the Government in terms of compensation and handouts instead of looking for new opportunities and rebuilding their own lives. He felt this sentiment was growing in numbers.

At the beginning of the year investors were spending on our site with memberships and stock directories and now that has scaled back significantly with investors only coming in and spending on our site when we have several positive up days in row in the market. Investors are very cautious but still actively searching for information and more importantly- leadership and direction.

We have seen recent activity and interest come through our site in the water sector as smart money looks for opportunities in the water space. “

What does this mean for the capital markets and investors? The spirit and heart of small business is still very much alive – so there is opportunity our there if you look for it. Investors are looking for leadership – maybe they are looking in the wrong places. Look at innovation, change and direction from small business instead of Government data and media sentiment. Small business is the driving force of the economy.

Maybe Government and Media should also spend more time and attention looking at small business as well, and how to motivate, incentivize and help it find its way back.

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