Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MicroBits: Signs of Life for Biotech IPOs, Dim View of VCs, and FDA Slows Med-Tech Innovation...

After a near absence of IPOs for two years, the biotech industry is dipping its toe into the public markets again. So far this year, 12 biotech companies have launched IPOs. In comparison only three IPOs were filed by biotech companies in 2009 and just one in 2008. One industry watcher called this year's dozen "a miracle" and predicted the number of biotech companies going public next year could hit 25.
A Dim View of Betting on Start-Ups
Sean Parker, the entrepreneur behind Napster and Facebook now turned investor, talks about the state of the venture capital industry. He's come to a depressing conclusion about the money industry that he says used to be �the engine of innovation� for this country. �The risk-reward doesn't work out in favor of putting money into venture capital anymore,� he said, even though he himself is a partner in a VC firm that owns stakes in Facebook and SpaceX.
FDA Slows Medical Technology Innovation
If you throw in enough small pebbles in the stream, you can dam it up. Similarly, add enough rules, regulations, and requirements, and suddenly innovation begins to look a lot less attractive. A new study entitled �FDA Impact on U.S. Medical Technology Innovation: A Survey of Over 200 Medical Technology Companies� makes this point very well. The blogger's bottom line: If Washington is genuinely serious about jobs and economic growth, it's time to encourage innovation, not discourage it.
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