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Mining and Gold Stock Interview with President of Yale Resources (TSX-V: YLL) Discussing Operations for 2011 and Plans for 2012

POINT ROBERTS, December 29, 2011 -, a global investor research portal for independent investors, including gold and mining stocks features an exclusive interview with Ian Foreman, P.Geo, President of Yale Resources Ltd. (TSX-V - YLL and Frankfurt - YAB). Ian discusses the Company results for 2011 and what the Company has planned for 2012.
Yale Interview
Ian you recently issued a press release on the year end summary of 2011 operations. Can you give investors some of the key points?
A: Ian Foreman, P.Geo, .President
The key point is that 2011 was a tough year for the mining/exploration sector and in spite of that Yale came out of it smelling like a rose! We are surrounded by companies that had to do large dilutive financings to survive and Yale's business model protected it from doing so. In fact, if you add up Yale's current short term investments, revenue from all sources and exploration funded by our optionees, Yale would have had to issue in the order of 26 million shares through financings! A 30% dilution in the fully diluted capital of the Company that did not happen!!
Using the expression "put your money where your mouth is", I see from that you recently purchased 750,000 shares in Yale?
A: Ian Foreman, P.Geo, .President
Yes, that is correct; I recently bought another 750,000 shares in Yale as I feel very strongly about the long term success of the Company.
The Company still has a significant portfolio of properties. What properties will be a priority in 2012 and why?
A: Ian Foreman, P.Geo, .President
We are planning for a minimum of three large programs in the first half of 2012. Los Amoles has grown from an early stage (generated) prospect to a project that should receive some drilling. Orofino will also receive a couple of hundred thousand dollars of exploration. However, the biggest program that we are planning for is at Urique - our optionee, Mammoth Resources, has just started trading - literally today - and they are planning a significant exploration campaign at Urique. There are some legal issues that have to be sorted out at Guadalupe, but our optionee on that property is responsible for the funding there and finally, we will have some results coming out early in the New Year from our drilling at Dos Naciones, which will dictate the scope of ongoing work there.
All in all, we are preparing for a very busy first 6 months of 2012 - should be exciting!
Q :
Do you plan on looking at new properties for 2012?
A: Ian Foreman, P.Geo, .President
We are always looking at new properties. What the public doesn't necessarily know is that we are always evaluating properties and making offers or trying to acquire new projects. We evaluated a large number of properties in 2011 but didn't find any that fit our strict criterion.
With luck we'll be able to bring a couple more properties into Yale in 2012. I didn't want to have too large a number of available properties 'in inventory', so now that we have two more projects optioned out, it makes sense for us to bring more properties into the company.
What would you say was your biggest obstacle in 2011 and has the Company overcome it?
A: Ian Foreman, P.Geo, .President
I think that our biggest obstacle in 2011 was difficult financial conditions combined with share holder apathy. I feel that Yale was punished in the market and not fairly so. I have always been careful about setting expectations and I have always been careful to state realistic goals and objectives for our shareholders. I also have a very good track record for accomplishing those.
There was a time, in September I believe, where there were rumours spreading that Yale was 'going out of business or bankrupt' and that obviously proved false. There was a fund that decided to sell approximately 3 million shares in the market and we were able to arrange sufficient buying to absorb that, however, that may have created a sense of "the sky is falling" and all the "Chicken Littles" out there panicked.
I stated in a previous interview that Yale is stronger today than last week and stronger last week than a couple of months ago. This is a 'growth story' and we are building upon our successes. In my opinion, there is no reason that Yale should be trading at these low levels, but sadly, I don't get to set the value of our stock. Again, this is the reason I purchased an additional 750,000 shares.
Why do you think some of the junior mining stocks did not really get to participate in the physical gold rally in 2011?
A: Ian Foreman, P.Geo, .President
Well, there are a lot of pundits who look at the markets for a living so I won't go into details. However, I can comment on that from a Yale perspective - it seems that there just wasn't enough confidence in what investors were reading/hearing as there is a general 'been there, done that, got burned' mentality. You can only hear so much regarding the decoupling of the dollar/gold relationship and the 'PIGS' in Europe and the prospect of a depression and the slowing of the Chinese economy and continued strife in American politics before one gets burned out…
I am very enthusiastic to bring in the New Year. With luck, the year will get started off as 2011 did but the rally will last longer!!
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