Friday, October 06, 2006 - New follow the money series - tracking trends in key sectors

With small caps in key sectors seeing a pull back from some of the highs in the spring and first quarter, we thought we would focus more on the long term trends and money flow to determine if the sector showed upside.

In all sectors that have big runs, you see a multitude of small companies enter the space to get in on the investor activity. You see companies change their business direction with an acquisition of a company or technology in a running sector.
For a while the market was flooded with new entries in the renewable energy stocks sector. Everyone had a bio-fuel or solar company.
In spite of the pull back and settling in the stocks, the driving force and money flow for investing in renewable energy remains strong

Our first Follow the Money series will take a look at what the long term prospects for renewable energy stocks are- stay tuned for the release shortly!

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