Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Investorideas.com continues the Follow the Money series this week with Homeland Security spending and funding watch. Staying with our theme, that if you follow the money you can see the long term trends, then the Homeland security industry, as predicted, has long term legs.

Groups like Homeland Security Research Corp.- a Washington, D.C. based international market research and strategic consulting firm serving the homeland security community offer great industry stats and predictions at www.hsrc.biz

To read this weeks feature:
HomelandDefenseStocks.com Follows the Money in Homeland Security Spending, Funding and Contracts and the Impact on Stocks in Sector
Boeing and the Secure Border Initiative Looks to Surveillance, Sensors, Detection and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Technology as Part of Comprehensive Solution

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Next – we will look at Following the Money in water .

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