Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A time to be thankful, whether the market and your stocks are up or down

We can all find a reason to complain when we are loosing money on paper or in our accounts in the real estate or stock market, but think deeper at how fortunate we are compared to so many others, that we at least have the luxury to invest and take on risk.

As contrast, there are millions of people and a lot of them children, that staying alive is the risk. Finding food, water or medicine are the goals, vs. ours of building our wealth.

I am guilty of complaining, I admit it, but I also have a lot of days and moments when the reality of the news and conditions in the world slaps me in the face and says “snap out of it".

We are fortunate even in the midst of our capital losses. We are still in the game!
If you are winning- remember to give, share and spread the good fortune around to those in need.

Happy Thanksgiving to all…

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