Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Water stocks- still the site leader – sign of things to come?

I have been saying for over a year that I would like to personally own a water company- that’s where I would put my own money. We still see water stocks as the leading inbound search phrase on our site consistently- backing up my thoughts.
As Mother Nature forced her hand with violent rain and wind storms causing turbidity issues, Vancouver recently had the largest boil water advisory in Canada for over a week
Bottled water prices varied at locations as supply and demand caused several locations to sell out. This was a short term problem in a major city area, and we saw the panic set in immediately. What are we going to do if the problems escalate on a global basis due to global warming, desertification, growing population, infrastructure problems and pollution ? Some say we could face water wars in the future.
I actually moved my spring water supply into the garage from the carport during our recent water crisis .
The investment community has used phrases like- water the next oil…
We can live without oil , but drinkable water is essential .
Personally, I would like to own a water source, but investing in water is the next best thing for now.

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